Year 10 Creative Writing Recording and Signing Video

Year 10 have been working on some creative writing as part of our English learning. The main learning objective was to use our imaginations and come up with an original piece of text.

Different techniques were used to help generate some ideas. The students spent some time in the school sensory room. This is a safe space that has many resources to stimulate our senses. It is the perfect location to explore some physical ideas that can be used in our stories.

Class teacher Miss Moorhouse helped the pupils with the structure of their stories. We have been learning how to describe scenes and build up the plot.

All of the editing was carried out by each pupil. Year 10 were asked to edit their own work, and then to re-write it so that it sounds even better.

We are very pleased to share the work of Samira, a Year 10 student who is amazing at using her iPad to help with her speech. Samira has typed her story into her iPad. We are proud to share it below.

Samira’s story is also signed out using makaton in the video below.

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