Year 11 Science Experiments to Measure Temperatures

Year 11 have been carrying out some science experiments looking at how we measure temperature. The students were introduced to different types of thermometers.

We saw how a strip thermometer is suitable for taking your temperature on your forehead. A scientific temperature can be used for taking the temperature of a liquid.

Pairs of pupils took each others temperature. This was then logged on a results sheet. This involved the students understanding how to read the scale of the thermometer.

This was repeated using a scientific thermometer to measure the temperature of some boiling water. The pupils were asked to use vocabulary terms such as degrees centigrade.

We noticed that the temperature of the boiling water fell over a period of time. One of the students commented that this is because it was escaping out into the air.

A final experiment involved a pupil placing one hand in a bowl of hot water, and the other hand in some cold water. A container of cold water was then introduced. Both hands were placed around this.

It was observed that the warm hand felt cold, whilst the cold hand became warm. We learnt that this was because the heat was transferring.

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