Year 8 Introduction to ICT Spreadsheets

Our ICT learning in Year 8 at Lansdowne School has started to look at how we can use Excel spreadsheets. This work was approached to help to create some art. The pupils are already familiar with pixel art. Mr Gratton demonstrated how a spreadsheet can be used to create some art.

This early Excel work helped the class members to feel comfortable with spreadsheet shortcuts. We learnt how to select all of the cells, and then to resize them to become squares. This was the ideal set up for some pixel art!

Each class member was asked to choose a piece of art in which to base their designs on. Some of the students were able to find a pixel art of their favourite cartoon characters online. Other pupils chose a design from the images that had already been printed off.

The next step was to plot the cells. This also involved changing the colour of the cells. Future Excel work will continue with the pupils entering different types of data to see how powerful spreadsheets can be.

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