Year 10 Share Interests During PSE Learning

Year 10 have spent the first few PSE lessons getting to know Miss Cox and her teaching team. We have been playing many team building games to help with this.

One particular favourite is the knot game. All pupils holds hands by crossing and over-lapping their arms. The challenge is to work as a team to find a solution to unravel the large knot.

The students have also been holding class discussions to help share information about themselves. Miss Cox has been helping each pupil to improve their confidence by speaking about what they enjoy outside of school.

We have been hearing about favourite foods, TV shows, birthdays, family background and why we are special. This information has then been presented on a worksheet.

The birthdays of each class member was also researched. We used a website that can tell us what was taking place around the world on the exact day when we were born.

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