Year 7 Improve Basic Cricket Skills

Our early PE lessons in Year 7 have seen the students improving their basic cricket skills. Three different work stations were set up to improve our bowling, batting and throwing .

The bowling activity involved the Year 7 pupils attempting to hit the wicket. PE teacher Mr Paine coached the students to be able to deliver an overarm bowling action.

The batting workstation focussed on the direction and power of our shots. Balls were bowled at each class member. Points were scored each time the soft tennis ball reached a wall in the gym.

Throwing and catching involved pairs of pupils passing the ball to one another. All three of these workstations were timed over the period of a minute. The students kept tally of the number of successful task completions.

The second half of the PE session saw a game of quick cricket set up on the school sports pitch. Mr Paine recapped on the rules first. Each class member rotated around the roles of batter, bowler, wicket keeper and fielder.

The session came to a close with some self-assessment. Each pupil was asked to log which activity they had done well and how they could improve. We will be repeating the work station activities over the coming weeks and comparing the results.

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