Year 11 Plan Science Photosynthesis Experiment

Science lessons in Year 11 have involved the students setting up experiments as part of their Entry Level assessment. A recent example was to investigate the rate of photosynthesis and how it might change with external factors.

A large part of this learning is for the students to think of a suitable method for their experiment. A class discussion led to the idea of measuring oxygen bubbles created from a pond weed inside an upturned funnel.

Our science knowledge led us to predict that the weed would show photosynthesis taking place as oxygen is created. Our experiment investigated how a change in light might increase or decrease photosynthesis.

A strong light was placed at three different distances from the pond weed. Class members took it in turns to count the number of bubbles emerging during a one minute period. Careful thought was given to how we could present our results in a table.

Our experiment showed that photosynthesis takes places at an increased rate when a light source is in close proximity to the pond weed.

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