Year 8 Learn About Staying Safe in PSHE

Year 8 have produced some very thoughtful and mature work as part of current PSHE learning. The pupils have been researching gender and sexual orientation. A recent lesson discussed the issue of good or bad touching.

Class teacher Miss Tewson helped the pupils to define what we mean by appropriate or inappropriate touching. The class decided that a high five was an appropriate way to touch. Hugging a teacher would be inappropriate.

Our work then looked at the NSPCC and some of the methods used to help us to remember how we should behave. Year 8 memorised the PANTS statement put by the organisation:

P Privates are private.

A Always remember your body belongs to you and no one else.

N No means no.

T Talk about secrets that upset you.

S Speak up, someone can help you.

Each class member was tested to see if they can remember these simple rules.

Our class discussion then considered the idea of secrets. Miss Tewson asked the pupils if it was a good idea to keep a bad secret to ourselves. All the pupils agreed that a bad secret should be shared with someone responsible. Each class member came up with a list of people that we can trust.

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