Year 12 Improve Persuasive Skills During Drama Lessons

Year 12 have been enjoying their regular drama sessions. These are an opportunity for the students to work together and help to improve their communication and confidence skills.

A recent lesson started with a class discussion. Miss Moorhouse posed the question: if you could live your life in the setting of a fictional book or film, what would it be and why?

We had some thoughtful responses with Harry Potter, Matilda and Greek Myths all mentioned.

Some practical drama then took place. One of the aims was to improve persuasive skills. A shop setting was introduced. Pairs of students worked together. One class member was the customer, with the second being the shop owner. The twist was that the shop owner had to persuade the customer that they didn’t want to buy an item!

Some brilliant improvisation took place. This was a great exercise to help the students to be able to respond and develop their arguments. Plus it was plenty of fun.

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