Year 7 Prepare Christmas Rocky Road Treat

Year 7 are coming towards the close of their food tech topic comparing different dishes from around the world. We have spent the final few weeks of the term thinking about Christmas food.

We held a class discussion about what is considered a traditional Christmas dinner in the UK. These were compared to countries where the climate might be different to the UK. Each student was asked to come up with their preferred Christmas menu of choice.

It was then time for the practical learning. On the menu was a Christmas Rocky Road treat. Food tech teacher Mr Evans divided the class into two teams. We had instructions to support each other.

Instruction menus were given out. Each time worked through these and ticked off the tasks when they were completed.

The pupils were asked many questions during the preparation. Mr Evans asked about what was happening to the chocolate when it was heated up, and why this change is taking place.

New vocabulary was also used with words such as consistency, melt, and solidify. The Christmas Rocky Roads were placed in the freezer to help them to cool down.

The session concluded with a recap of our knowledge of festive food from around the world. We agreed that Christian cultures celebrate Christmas in different ways.

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