Year 12 PSHE Human Relationships Topic

The Year 12 students have approached their PSHE human relationships topic with great maturity. Class teacher Mr R started this work by asking the students to write down any information that they wanted to learn. We were then able to structure the sessions to help the pupils with their personal development.

The overall theme has been to look at relationships. We have talked about the life cycle of humans from being born, becoming a teenager to entering into personal relationships. Year 12 have looked at body changes and how the reproductive organs work.

This then led to a detailed look at contraceptives. The pupils compared and contrasted the different forms available. We discussed the positive or negative features of each contraceptive.

Finally Year 12 started to research Sexually Transmitted Infections. Our main focus was on how we could prevent these. The students also looked at the defining features and how we can treat infections.

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