Year 7 Develop Gymnastics Skills

Year 7 have been preparaing for some gymnastics work during our regular PE lessons. Mr Paine has been helping the pupils to recognise some of the moves that we will be using on the school gymnastics equipment.

This learning started off with some floor exercises. Year 7 practiced balancing, freezing, V-sitting and the flamingo position. Mr Paine explained that we need to be able to master these positions before any apparatus could be introduced.

A later session saw the introduction of the equipment. Three work stations were set up. They focussed on rolling and tumbling, bouncing on the springboard and attempting handstands. Adult support was available for each activity.

The floor exercises were built into each work station exercise. The session finished with Year 7 being asked to assess what they had achieved well, and how they can improve in future weeks.

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