Year 12 Prepare for ICT Entry Level Assessments

The Year 12 students are preparing for their Entry Level ICT assessments. We have pupils who will be taking the Level 2 and Level 3 exams.

ICT teacher Mr Gratton has been helping the students so that they work independently during the assessment. They will be expected to use software such as Publisher and PowerPoint.

We have been using this software ahead of the assessment to help prepare for the work ahead. One activity involved producing a flyer using Publisher for a theatre performance of Romeo and Juliet.

Our designs needed to include a title, images, a map and a table showing the ticket prices. A suitable background was also added to our designs.

Year 12 should now feel confident in taking a screenshot, pasting it into a document and then cropping. The pupils have also been able to create tables and insert these into their documents.

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