Year 12 Plan Career Choices During PSHE Lessons

PSHE work in Year 12 has supported the practical work experience that the students have recently completed. We are now researching what careers we might want to consider, and then looking at a pathway into these.

Each students has been asked to think of three career choices. Considerable online research then took place.

The students were asked to research:

What qualifications do you need?

Is an apprenticeship possible?

What skills do you need?

What are the main duties?

What is the annual income?

It was encouraging to see a wider range of career interests from the students. These covered architecture, multi media and a career in the armed forces.

Year 12 have also been talking about the resources we can use to help us with our career ambitions. The aim of the session is to give some focus on the personal career choices of the pupils.

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