Lansdowne School Council Updates

The Lansdowne School Council is continuing to make positive suggestions and changes. Each class has a representative. The Council meets each week with Head of School Mr Jukes to consider any ideas from the students.

A recent meeting started with a discussion about a raising some money at the end of the spring term. We considered some local charities that the pupils would like to work with. The Brixton Food Bank was a strong contender.

Looking ahead was a comment on the Harvest Festival. One Cllr is keen for our school to help out the Food Bank in September.

Mr Jukes offered some feedback from a recent school visitor who was seeing how our school makes everyone feel welcome. Our guest made a point of saying what a fantastic school we have. He was impressed with the outstanding behaviour.

The next item discussed was the school playground. New table tennis bats are going to be bought. The school Management team is looking at the cost of having some nets being fitted to the goal posts.

One Cllr then asked about having some more plastic cups available. This led to a detailed discussion about the use of plastics. School Council is going to consider how we can encourage the use of hard plastic cups.

Mr Jukes then explained how the school is partnering up with a large commercial organisation that is keen to send volunteers to our school. The idea is that they will help to build a sensory garden in our playground.

School Council came to a close with a call for ideas for the annual school trip. All students enjoy a special day together during the summer term. Now is the time to start planning this.

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