Year 7 Use Drama to Improve Speech and Language

Year 7 have been showing great confidence during their regular Friday morning drama sessions. We usually start these with some shared circle time. The aim is to encourage all pupils to express themselves and improve their language skills.

A soft ball is passed around the group. Some set questions are asked for the pupils to answer. One of these was: how are you feeling today and why?

This led to an open discussion about what some of the pupils are excited about, and how to overcome any problems. We heard about feeling happy about plans for the weekend, playing tennis with some friends and going to church.

The drama element to the session involved some improvisation involving a taxi. One pupil volunteered to be the driver. The taxi made many stops to pick up the passengers.

Both driver and passenger were asked to hold a conversation about where they are heading to, and what they plan to do there when they arrive.

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