Year 7 Maths Shapes and Fractions

Year 7 have been working a couple of different learning objectives during our recent maths lessons. One group of pupils has been focussed on finding the halves of different shapes.

The first step is to identify the name of each shape. A line is then drawn down the middle of the shape. Math teacher Miss W has helped the pupils to understand that the same amount of space needs to appear on each half of the shape.

A worksheet has been completed involving some investigation work. The pupils were asked to look at a series of shapes that had a line drawn through them. We had to work out if each shape had been cut in half or not.

Another group of Year 7 students have been carrying out some complex fraction sorting. Different fractions have been sorted in terms of their value.

All our maths learning in Year 7 then follows a traffic light system for the pupils to rate. The students are asked to rate the work either red, amber or green, depending on how challenging they found it. This helps Miss W and her team to plan future learning challenges.

iPad reward time is then available once the learning has been achieved. We are also looking forward to a maths Easter Egg Hunt during the final week of the spring term.

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