Year 13 Plan End of Year School Trip

The Year 13 students have been working together to plan their end of term trip. We considered many different possibilities. The students came to a group decision of playing mini-golf at Battersea Park followed by a picnic.

Our group planning has been thorough. Class teacher Miss Moorhouse explained that there was a budget of £10 for each student. We had to consider if this was enough to cover transport costs, entry for the golf and a lunch.

We started our research by finding the park using Google maps. A suitable public transport route was then planned. One of the students helped Miss Moorhouse to fill in the paperwork to apply for free travel for the trip.

The next task was to write a letter for parents and carers. The students were asked to work independently on this. Miss Moorhouse selected the most informative letter to send back home for parents and carers.

Food tech time in Year 13 will be spent planning a suitable lunchtime snack for the trip. The students will be asked to think about a light meal that we can take on the trip.

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