Year 12 Look Ahead to Entry Level Food Tech

The Year 12 students are preparing for their Entry Level Food Tech exams that they will be sitting in 2019. Many skills are needed such as working safely and independently in the kitchen. The pupils have started to focus on these during the final weeks of the summer term.

On the menu during a recent Year 12 food tech session was a tasty aubergine stroganoff. The students were asked to think about how they could improve their slicing and frying skills. We also needed to be able to judge when the pasta was properly cooked.

Safety was another consideration. Year 12 were in control of the hobs and the temperatures required. Some new vocabulary was introduced with the students using the colanders.

We were also asked to take a logical approach to the cooking. The students had to consider which ingredients would take the longest to cook. These were the ones that we would need to prepare first.

The outcome was each class cooking a fantastic aubergine stroganoff to take home and share with family and friends. An evaluation exercise took place at the end of the session.

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