Final School Council Meeting for the Summer Term

The final meeting of the Lansdowne School Council for the 2017/18 year was a time to reflect on some of our achievements, and to look forward to future events. Head of School Mr Jukes was pleased to hear positive feedback on the recent School Sports Day.

A discussion took place about the whole school trip to Kew Gardens on the final Monday of the term. School Council agreed that it was a good idea for all pupils to wear school uniform so that we can proudly represent Lansdowne School.

It was agreed that a Wear Your Own Clothes Day could follow on the final day of teaching. Pupils will be asked to pay £1 towards a local cause. The final afternoon of the term will feature the legendary disco from Mr Lee and Mr Paine.

School Council looked ahead to the new academic year. A very well received suggestion was for a Bird Watching Competition. Our new playground is attracting more birds now that we have a greener environment.

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