Sixth Form Students Prepare for Arts Award Qualification

The Lansdowne Sixth Form students have started work on their Arts Award qualification. Silver and Bronze levels are being studied. The standard of work is pitched at being higher than GCSE art.

Some of the Year 12 students who will be submitting work for the Silver award have been keen to start their research. The qualification has two different tasks: art form development, and leadership skills in art.

The first category involves the students collecting, creating and challenging a piece of art. The leadership unit requires the students to deliver and review an art project.

We already have a couple of trips planned to help with this learning. Year 12 will soon be visiting the Colourscape project on Clapham Common. This will help them with their work on understanding how different colours can work together.

We have used our classroom time to recap on our understanding of colour blends and tones. Art teacher Miss Jordan was pleased to see that our knowledge of primary, secondary and tertiary colours remains strong.

A trip to an Old Street gallery to see the work of Yayoi Kusama has also been planned. We will be looking at the use of light. The students will be taking inspiration from this to help light up the clay sea creatures that we sculptured.

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