Year 12 Mental Maths and Entry Level Exams

Friday afternoons in Year 12 means mental maths time! We start the final session of the week by making sure that our maths knowledge is continuing to improve with some mental sums to solve.

The students work on answering various multiplication questions. The only resource that they can use is their brain!

Any outstanding work from the week then needs to be completed. Recent examples have included recalling halves to 100, doubling and halving numbers quickly, and partitioning three digit numbers.

Another pupil has produced some great work in ordering different events in the day.

Individual targets are then worked on. Maths teacher Mr Hilton has produced very detailed learning structures to help boost the skills of each pupil. This is preparation for the Functional Skills Entry Level exam, and the Entry Levels 1, 2 or 3 that some students will be sitting.

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