Year 13 Communication Life Skills Video

Year 13 have been studying an interesting life skills topic themed around using technology in the home and the community. This is a vital life and work skill that will help the students in their future careers.

An early unit has involved looking at different communication systems. We have seen how these can be personal systems such as email, or communication that can reach a wider audience.

One example was the school public announcement system. This is used whenever the whole school needs to be updated about events such as the start of a school assembly.

The Year 13 students have been working towards preparing a script that would be suitable to broadcast around the school. We decided that a timely topic would be a fireworks safety message.

All the class members contributed ideas to the script. We were then ready for the big moment. One of the brave Year 13 students delivered the safety message over the PA system on the Friday before Bonfire Night.

This was a major moment. The young man managed to deliver the piece of communication to perfection.

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