Lansdowne School Council Update

A recent Lansdowne School Council meeting started with Mr Jukes explaining some of the trips that students can look forward to. We are thrilled that twelve of our pupils have been selected to attend the Michelle Obama event at the Royal Festival Hall.

Year 7 are looking forward to their trip to see Cinderella; Year 8 have a Christmas treat in seeing a production of the Selfish Giant.

Points were then raised by the Cllr’s about issue their class friends wanted them to bring to Council. We had an update on making football at playtime accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Mr Jukes reminded the Cllr’s that it was up to the players to help make this a safe event.

One Cllr asked about the possibility of larger portions for our healthy school meals. It was mentioned that the salad bar is always available for everyone to help top up their serving.

Another suggestion was for sandwiches to be added to the menu. School Council considered the importance of a hot meal and how we value this option that is available.

Plans were then made for the Christmas School Disco. This will take place on the last day of teaching ahead of the break.

Executive Head Teacher Mrs Adams addressed the Council. She asked for feedback on how staff can help everyone to achieve their learning targets. One of the Cllr’s mentioned that the traffic lights system works well for most students.

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