Year 13 Students Stage An Upside-Down Christmas Play

Both Year 13 classes performed a fantastic Christmas production during a recent school assembly. An Upside-Down Christmas was an original production written by the students. This project has been part of our Expressive Art Group.

Head of School Mr Jukes welcomed the audience into the assembly. He commented that the school hall looked like a grand theatre. The students had worked hard in setting up the scenery.

An Upside-Down Christmas had a powerful message. It helped our friends to understand the true meaning of Christmas.

Narrators and actors told the story of how the Christmas candy cane originally stood for the J in the name Jesus. Our plot developed to explain how this has been forgotten by some.

Class 13RM took on the acting and narrator roles. They were also responsible for the script and promoting the play around the school with some posters.

Class 13DL provided the music. The students added superb accompaniment on the electric guitar and drums.

Candy sticks were handed out to the audience at the end of the production.

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