Year 11 & 12 Students Veg Growing with Roots & Shoots

Students from Year 11 and Year 12 are working with our friends at Roots and Shoots College to help grow some vegetables for the new Lansdowne patch. Each week the students visit Roots and Shoots at Kennington to learn new gardening skills.

Our early work has involved planting the seeds and taking care of the early growth. Potting and labelling the vegetables have been part of this work. Lettuce, mint and leeks are some of the vegetables that we are growing.

Once the vegetables have emerged from their seeds we will be taking them back to Lansdowne School. Staff members Tom and Ben have been busy building some bedding areas in our playground space.

The students have already started work on preparing this land. Weeding and raking of the soil has taken play. Once the plants are in place then it will be the responsibility of the students to look after the vegetables.

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