Year 10 Food Tech Video

Year 10 at Lansdowne School have been creating a series of tasty dishes from around the world during our Food Tech sessions for this term. We wanted the pupils to understand how important food is across all different cultures, and how food differs according to some of the ingredients that are available for cooking with.

A recent Year 10 Food Tech session involved the pupils designing their own pizza. We started this process off by thinking about the toppings that we personally enjoy. We then progressed to making and rolling out the pizza dough, before placing the topping on our pizzas ahead of cooking them.

This topic has been a great exercise in helping Year 10 to consider the food choices that are available to us. Other continental dishes that we have cooked so far this term include Chile con carne, Greek salad, Chinese chicken stir fry, fish cakes and Moroccan chicken.

As you can see from the video above – the pizzas were incredibly tasty!

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