Year 11 GCSE Preparations

Year 11

This is a busy time for many of our Year 11 pupils at Lansdowne as we approach the end of the autumn term. We are gradually introducing the pupils to the idea of an exam situation, ahead the GCSE’s that they will be sitting towards the end of the school year.

Our main emphasis here is how each pupil can come up with a successful exam strategy that will help them to produce the best results. We have been thinking about how to keep our concentration levels high through a healthy diet and plenty of rest, as well as how to handle any nerves that we might have on the day of an examination.

Year 11 showed that this work is starting to pay off when we asked the pupils to sit a mock science GCSE exam. All staff have been impressed with the maturity that Year 11 approached this work with, as well as some of the high standards of written answers produced.

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