Year 7 Science

Year 7

Year 7 have been learning all about solubility during our recent science lessons. We started off this work by watching a short video explaining some of the key concepts around this topic. This helped to explain how the temperature of a liquid can speed up the dissolving process. We asked the Year 7 pupils to think of an everyday example of this. Stirring sugar cubes into a cup of hot tea was one suggestion.

Some key words were then introduced to Year 7. The pupils learnt to distinguish between a solute and a solid. We found out that a solute is often the solid, whereas the solvent is the liquid that helps to dissolve the solute.

Our science lesson then progressed with a practical experiment. Our apparatus included two liquid containers, a stopwatch and some salt. Year 7 placed a full teaspoon of salt into one container, and then half a teaspoon of salt into the second container.

Both solvents were then stirred at the same pace. We wanted to see if the amount of solute in a solvent has an effect on how quick the dissolving process takes. Year 7 was able to observe that the container with only half a teaspoon of salt was the quickest to dissolve.

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