Year 10 Maths Video

Year 10 have been using the school laptops to work on a data gathering exercise during our recent maths lessons. We introduced to the pupils the idea of creating a survey, and then displaying the data findings using Excel.

We started off this work be helping each Year 10 pupil to think about a subject matter in which they could survey their friends. These included favourite sports, computer games or colours. Our next step was to carry out the survey and to keep track of the totals using tally charts.

The laptops were then introduced into this exercise. Year 10 have been learning how Excel can be used to help us to understand and interpret data. We entered the details of our survey into a spreadsheet. This was then exported into a bar chart. The style and design was then changed so as to be able to explain the results of our survey as clearly as possible.

You can watch a short video above of this exercise being explained by one of our Year 10 pupils.

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