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Year 7

Year 7 have been continuing their literacy work reading and exploring ideas in various fairytales. We have been encouraging the pupils to develop an understanding of each story, and to structure each scene in the correct sequence.

We started a recent literacy lesson by looking at a slideshow of various fairytale scenes. We held a class discussion about what we could see in each picture and how this particular event relates to the overall story. Some great detail was passed on in the explanations, showing that the pupils are continuing to progress with their memory and story telling skills.

We then advanced this work to focus upon adjectives that we can use. We asked the pupils for a series of describing words for each of the characters that we have been learning about. We wanted Year 7 t think more about the personality of each character, rather than a physical description.

We finished our literacy lesson with each pupil making his or her own fairytale information book. Having drawn a front cover featuring a particular character, we then listed the adjectives inside that best describe them. You can listen to Year 7 explaining a little more about their work in the podcasts below.

Year 7b

Year 7b

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