Year 10 Maths

Year 10

Year 10 have been making great progress on their work involving place value. We have been keen for the pupils to understand different number values involving hundreds, tens and units. We wanted all Year 10 pupils to feel comfortable when breaking down three figure numbers and knowing what each particular number column actually represents.

An example of this could be 126 – we worked closely with individual pupils so that they could correctly identify that the figure contains one hundred, two tens and six units.

To help Year 10 with this exercise we have been using the school Deans counting blocks. These are cubes that represent blocks of 100, 10 or single units. They are a great way for the pupils to visualise the numbers and help them with their counting.

This place value work also progressed for some of the high ability pupils to start completing some addition statements based around the sums. Understanding the difference between the different place values will continue in Year 10. It is a vital learning exercise to help the pupils understand the importance of working in correct number columns.

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