Year 11 Brixton Poetry

Year 11

Year 11 have produced some incredibly thoughtful poetry pieces during our recent literacy lessons. We have based our work around a recent visit to the nearby Brixton Market. The students were inspired after reading some Brixton Market poetry produced by other adults and pupils. We wanted to write something ourselves that captures the unique feel of the area.

We set the challenge of making this poetry being sensory based. During our site visit we reminded the pupils to make use of their sight, hearing, sense of smell and also touch. We wanted all of these senses to come across strongly within our written work. We also set the challenge for each Year 11 pupil to include at least two similes in their Brixton Market poems.

When this work is complete, we will then start to consider our verbal delivery. We want this to be ` performance-based piece of poetry. To help the pupils with this, we have been studying in great detail the classic Albert and the Lion poem by Marriot Edgar. We asked the pupils to add in the sound effect of a clap whenever Albert’s name was mentioned, or an animal appeared in the poem.

We will be advancing the range of sound effects used for this throughout the term, and then seeing how we can think of something suitable that will fit the style of our Brixton Market pieces of poetry. You can hear a short burst of the Albert and the Lion sound effects in the podcast below.

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