Year 7 French

Year 7

Year 7 have been using their love of sport to help them improve their French vocabulary. Our aim was for each pupil to identify a couple of sports that they enjoy playing, and then find out the French translation, and to explain a little more about what they like about each sport.

We encouraged some of the pupils to explore the English / French dictionaries for this exercise. Other pupils had adult support to help them with their French pronunciation. No surprise to find that le football is the favourite sport for our Year 7 pupils!

With an English and French verbal understanding of these words, we then helped the pupils with the correct Communication in Print identification. We are using this visual language system increasingly throughout the curriculum at Lansdowne School. We are keen for pupils of all abilities to be able to share their thoughts within the school using CiP.

Finally we finished off our French lesson by asking the pupils to draw a picture of their favourite sports, and then label this in both English and French. You can listen to a couple of our pupils explaining a little more about their work in the podcast below.

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