Year 7 P.E. Video

We have introduced the Year 7 pupils to the game of hockey during recent P.E. lessons. We have talked about the importance of both concentration and skill if you want to succeed.

Our session started off by explaining how each player needs to have complete control of the hockey stick. We showed the pupils what the ideal grip is, and then learnt that it is important to keep our hockey sticks as low to the ground as possible if we want to be able to control the ball.

The pupils then partnered up and we took part in some practice sessions to help with our ball and stick control. The ball was dribbled back and forth by each partner. The aim was to keep the ball as close to the hockey stick as possible.

We then advanced this exercise to include some movement in our running. The pupils were shown how we could use both sides of the stick to help move backwards and forwards, yet still be in complete control. Changing direction and shooting were also part of our session.

We will be carrying on developing these hockey skills with Year 7 as the term progresses. We are building towards being able to put these techniques to use with a full on game of hockey. You can watch a short section of our training session in the video above.

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