Year 8 PSE Safety

Year 8

Year 8 have been started a new PSE topic looking at safety and ways to keep safe. We started off our work by looking at a series of different images. We held a class discussion and encouraged all pupils to describe what they could see on the class whiteboard. Some pictures showed scenes that appeared to be safe; others contained hidden elements of danger.

We then invited the pupils to offer some advice as to how some of the scenes could be perhaps be made safer. One example was for some children walking around in the dark to wear brightly coloured clothing and perhaps carry a torch.

Our PSE safety work will continue to look at ways that we can remain safe whilst at Lansdowne School. We have asked the Year 8 pupils for some suggestions as to what would not be safe behavior in the school. Running with pencils, setting off the fire alarms when there is no fire and jumping off fences in the playground were all offered as examples. This work will also link in to our understanding of the Lansdowne School Rules.

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