Year 10 Geography Podcast

Year 10

Year 10 have been using their humanities lessons to look at different types of environments where people might live. We wanted the pupils to be able to recognise that we all live in different types of houses, depending on the habitat that is around us.

We started off our work by learning about some of the different names for various houses. These included detached, semi-detached and flats. We showed the pupils pictures of various houses on the class whiteboard, and then asked them to find a similar picture and stick it in their books. These were then labeled, with descriptions given of some of the defining features. We wanted to point out that a detached house might have a garden, whereas a flat may contain a lift.

Year 10 then held a class discussion to consider who might live in these types of properties. We wanted the pupils to think about the geographic location, and the possible reasons for building these types of properties. We encouraged the pupils to talk about their own homes, as well as to look around at some of the architecture close by to Lansdowne School. You can listen to a short explanation of our Year 10 humanities work in the recording below.

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