Year 11 Science

Year 11

Recent science lessons in Year 11 have been looking at the three main ways in which heat can travel: conduction, convection and radiation. We have been carrying out a number of different science experiments in the Lansdowne lab to help demonstrate each of these three ideas.

One recent experiment involved comparing a black and a white cup to see which colour is best suited to containing the heat inside. We boiled a kettle, and then filled each cup with an equal amount of hot water. The Year 11 students then took the temperature of each cup at regular intervals. We found out from the final reading that the water in the white cup cooled down the quickest. This is because the light nature of the surface is not very good at keeping the heat inside.

We have also been looking at the properties of a flask as part of this scientific topic. Year 11 have found out that a flask can keep a liquid both hot and cold. We identified that the insulated support has a shiny mirror inside, and a plastic case for the outside. The mirror reflects the temperature inside, keeping it contained within. The plastic casing also acts to stop it escaping.

Finally we are immensely proud of the science lab display that Year 10 have produced at Lansdowne School. We have put together an incredibly detailed polythene display showing how single units are made. We have been learning how this is the basic building block for all forms of physical particles.

Year 11

Year 11

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