Year 7 P.E. Video

Year 7 have been making some great progress during recent P.E. sessions. As well as the more technical sporting skills that we teach at Lansdowne School, we are equally keen for the pupils to take responsibility when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.

Our pupils have been learning about the importance of warming up ahead of any exercise. Year 7 now understand that we need to do this to make sure that our muscles and heart rate are ready for any sport that we might then play. The pupils have been superb at organising themselves and stretching ahead of the main focus for the lesson.

Year 7 have been working on improving their football skills for most of the spring term. Ball control and dribbling have been highlighted as areas that we need to be able to master if we want to become valuable team members.

We set up a simple dribbling exercise for Year 7. Their task was to keep control of the ball as they moved in and out of a series of cones. At the end of the short circuit was a goalpost in which to score. We then added to this routine by pairing up partners and asking them to take part in a game of speed and precision. You can watch some of the results in the video above.

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