Year 8 Food Tech Video

Year 8 Food Tech from Lansdowne School on Vimeo.

Year 8 have been busy baking some special Easter cakes during our recent Food Tech lessons. We have been learning how different types of cake are often eaten to help celebrate a particular season or occasion.

We started off our work by understanding the importance of carefully following instructions in the school kitchen. Perhaps the most important of these was to turn on the oven early so that it can be warmed up!

Year 8 then measured out the exact amount of the ingredients required for the main cake base. We are always keen to encourage the pupils to work as independently as possible in the Lansdowne kitchen. Adult supervision was available, but most pupils were able to work out the correct measurements for the mixture.

The next step was to fill each cupcake base with a small amount of the mixture. With the cakes now cooking, Year 8 could start to think about how wanted to decorate our Easter cakes. Icing was a good start, with the added topping of mini Easter eggs. Lovely!

You can watch a short video of the Year 8 Food Tech session above.

Year 8

Year 8

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