Year 10 Active Citizenship

Year 10

Year 10 at Lansdowne School have been continuing to make some great progress on our Active Citizenship anti-bullying project. Part of this work was to consider how best to promote the theme of anti-bullying. Having watched a video that was made for students by a selection of young adults from elsewhere, our Lansdowne pupils thought that we could make an even better job of this!

With so many different talents available in Year 10, we have been able to find a role for all of the pupils. Scriptwriters, actors and editors have all been required to work together to help make this project work. With the bulk of the filming now complete, our technically gifted Year 10 members are showing other friends how we can use various techniques within Windows Movie Maker to help bring the film to life.

Three different locations were used for the filming – the playground, the classroom and the library. Year 10 are now working in three different groups to help edit each particular segment of the film.

The main plot for our film is centred on two young characters. The father of one pupil is a policeman, whereas the father of the other main character is in prison. This is where the conflict starts that needs to be resolved through the strong message of anti-bullying.

Each group has now been adding the final production techniques to each segment in the film. Our ICT work has looked at splitting, combining and trimming of the footage that we have filmed. We have also asked the pupils to consider what type of soundtrack they would like for each scene in the film. We have been learning how a particular song or a certain camera angle can help to add a specific mood to each scene.

Year 10 are hopeful of completing the Active Citizenship film over the coming weeks. We are considering having a special screening so that our friends from around the school can get to share our ideas. The film will carry a powerful message that bullying is not tolerated at Lansdowne School. One of our Year 10 filmmakers explains a little more in the recording below:

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