Year 9 D & T Video

Year 9 are nearing completion of our current D & T projects. The pupils have been working carefully on designing and then producing a spice rack holder made out of pinewood. A large part of this project has been about encouraging the pupils to be able to follow instructions and to work independently.

We started off the work by drawing out detailed technical drawings. We wanted to know the exact dimension of each piece of wood, and how many different pieces of pine we would need to complete our spice racks.

The pupil then transferred the paper plans over to a large piece of pine with pencil markings. We took great care to match up the exact measurements and specifications. The next stage was to use the Lansdowne D & T lab saws to carefully cut the pine into the required pieces. We took great care over the safety of our work, following the correct technique and wearing a pair of protective goggles.

Some of the students have already started the final phase for this project. We need to sand down any rough edges that are left in the wood, and then varnish the rack to add to the overall presentation. You can watch one of our Year 9 pupils explaining a little more about this project in the video above.

Year 9

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