Year 9 Science Video

Year 9 have been busy in their role as food detectives during recent science lessons. We have been interested in finding out a little more about the mystery of food labels and the levels of each food group per 100g that some food can contain. We found that the packaging can often be misleading with incredibly small print being used. To help us out with our food detective work, the pupils were able to use the school magnifying glasses.

We specifically wanted to know how much sugar many items of popular food can contain. We also focusssed on similar types of food, e.g. fish fingers and a tin of salmon. We were hopeful that this approach would then lead us to be able to conclude which foods are healthier when compared with similar food types.

Our results were carefully recorded on a scientific chart. We concluded by looking at this data and seeing how healthy some of our own favourite foods types are. You can watch a short video of this experiment being explained above.

Year 9

Year 9

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