Y11 Athletics Video

Year 11 are focussing strongly on athletics as we continue to improve our P.E. work during the summer term. We have been looking at the skills that are required to be part of a successful relay team. The pupils identified that good teamwork is essential – you can’t have a relay team with one star performer who doesn’t help out the other team members.

We have also been concentrating hard on following instructions to help complete various relay exercises. We set up a number of relay challenges during a recent P.E. session. Some of these involved following a complex list of movements and directions.

With the confidence amongst the class members building, we then introduced a relay baton. The pupils were shown the most effective way in which to hand this over. A series of relay races were then carried out with speed and power also being encouraged.

Our athletics work will continue throughout the summer term in Year 11. We will introduce the pupils to other activities, and help them improve the skills that are needed to succeed. You can watch a short video of our Year 11 relay session above.

Year 11

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