Year 10 GCSE Artwork

Year 10

As part of our preparations for GCSE Art, Year 10 are looking in great detail at graphic design for the remainder of the summer term. In particular we are learning how artwork, typography and fonts can be used to put across a particular message. This may be a political, personal or even a commercial point of view.

We have started our work by looking at the art of music album covers. Year 10 have been seeing how the creation of a suitable album cover is almost as important as the music itself. A powerful piece of art can help to put across any musical ideas that the artist is keen to make.

A number of questions were posed for our Year 10 members: Who might the album and artwork appeal to? What is the possible message that the artist wants to put across? How would you improve the album artwork to make this message clearer?

Each pupil then selected an album cover in which to analyse. We encouraged the pupils to volunteer ideas and that the artwork stimulates in them. Working in small groups we soon found that many album covers can be interpreted differently. We also noted that musical genres can contain similar styles in the album covers that are used.

This is a major project that Year 10 will continue to work on throughout the summer term. We will conclude this piece of work by asking each class member to create their own piece of album artwork inspired by their favourite music.

Year 10

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