Year 7 Science Video

Year 7 have been learning about the power of various forces during recent science sessions. The pupils have taken a very practical approach in finding out how forces continually act around us in all of the everyday tasks that we experience.

We started off this work with a very practical approach – our class teacher very kindly agreed to be weighed down with a rucksack containing many heavy books. One by one we added in more books. We took it in turns to see how heavy the rucksack was becoming. The force of gravity was pulling down on the rucksack, making it hard to carry.

We then opened up our work to consider many other everyday forces – pushing, pulling, stretching, resistance, squashing and friction. The pupils carried out different table activities to help explore these forces further. Some pupils concentrated on identifying a force and then sorting it into a relevant group; other pupils were keen to explain how a force can change from one to another. We also looked at what force might be needed to help achieve a certain task.

You can find out more about our science work in the video above.

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