Year 9 D & T Video

Year 9 have been continuing with their D & T work to design and create a spice rack holder. This has been a project that we have been keen for the pupils to work on as independently as possible. The staff have been giving guidelines and offering instructions to follow, but we have been encouraging Year 9 to use their own initiative to help create the spice rack.

It is also a highly technical piece of work. The pupils have replicated the exact design and dimensions that are on paper over to the wood that we have been working with. We have used a combination of both tenon and coping saws to help complete the cutting. Finger joints have been used to hold the spice rack together. Year 9 have been learning how this is a strong system for keeping two pieces of wood locked together.

Most of the pupils have now completed the cutting of the wood required for the spice racks. Our next task will be to sand down all the edges, and then assemble the rack. We will complete this project with some varnishing, before being able to proudly take our spice racks home. You can find out a little more about this project in the video above.

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