Year 8 Science Video

Year 8 have been learning about different power sources as part of our current science topic. The pupils have been identifying how everyday electrical items all require a power source. We have also found that different power sources are used depending on the needs of the device. We have seen how mains electricity and battery power are the two main sources.

We presented the pupils with a selection of household electrical items. We asked them to consider where the power comes from. We then thought about why some devices might need an electrical cable whilst others benefit from being battery powered. We also found that some of the items can be powered by both mains electricity and a battery.

Year 8 then suggested where some of the devices could be used. We concluded that an iPhone requires battery power because you need to be able to use it whilst you are outside. A hoover however can operate off the mains electricity as it is only used indoors. You can watch a short video above explaining a little more about our science work in Year 8.

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