Comms Team Update

Communications Team

The Communications Team at Lansdowne School is coming towards the close of a trial project using Lego as the building block to help teamwork and collaboration amongst pupils. We have been working mainly with Year 8 pupils on this project. This has been such a success that we are hopeful of working with pupils throughout Landsdowne School in September.

We set a building task for a small group of pupils. All members are designated a specific role – architect, supplier or builder. Our aim is to work together so that we can successfully complete the end task. We are finding that the students enjoy working together in small groups, and then being able to celebrate their success collectively come the conclusion of the project.

Farewell Year 11

As we approach the end of the Lansdowne School year, we would like to wish the very best of luck to all of the Year 11 pupils that have now moved on to new challenges. We are incredibly sad to be seeing you go, but all students are now ready for the next phase of their continued learning.

We are thrilled that all Year 11 pupils will be able to carry on their learning at local colleges. Many different subject areas will be studied in September, covering everything from catering to games animation.

Most of the students will be attending the nearby Lambeth College. This is testament to the success of the transition partnership that we have in place with our colleagues at Lambeth College. All Year 11 pupils have been attending weekly sessions on the campus to help prepare for the new challenges ahead.

We are very sad to be saying goodbye – please remember us at Lansdowne School, and do come back to help share your future successes.

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