Year 10 Maths Podcast

Year 10

Year 10 have been exploring different mathematical ideas all based around the number line and the sequence of numbers. This is the key building block for all of our maths teaching at Lansdowne School. By having a confident approach to working with a number line, our students are then able to use this knowledge to help solve future mathematical problems.

A number of different targets have been set for the Year 10 pupils, depending on the individual need for each student. These include ordering a sequence of random numbers from lowest to highest. We started off with single digits, and then worked towards three digit numbers as confidence levels grew.

Self-correction is a large part of this exercise. We constantly ask the pupils to evaluate their work, and to explain the mathematical logic in the operations that they are completing.

A different set of pupils have been working with the mathematical concepts of cardinal and ordinal numbers. Working their way through the number line, Year 10 have been able to recall key facts and terminology. We have been matching up a cardinal number such as four with the ordinal equivalent of fourth.

Working in parallel with our number line work has been the focus on number columns. Year 10 have been identifying hundreds, tens and units in any given number, and then placing this value in the correct place on the number line. This has also to led to looking at scaling on a number line. Some of our pupils have advanced to reading a number line containing gaps, and then working out what the value is for each increment increase.

You can listen to a couple of our Year 10 mathematicians explaining a little more about their number line work in the podcast below.

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