Year 7 Science Video

Year 7 have been continuing their science work in exploring how different forces work around us everyday. A recent focus has been to look at how gravity and upthrust both play a role in our actions throughout the day. Year 7 have been learning how gravity is around us in the atmosphere, whereas an upthrust can only take place within a liquid.

We started our science session by asking the pupils to think of some examples of both of these forces. These included how a football falls to the ground after a goal kick, or perhaps how a tea bag rises to the top of a cup of hot water. We also looked at wider scientific implications. Year 7 have been studying how ships need an upthrust to stay afloat.

It was now time to put the theory to the test. We asked Year 7 to devise an experiment that would demonstrate an upthrust in a liquid, and in particular, how the role of weight of an object is crucial here.

Year 7 collectively came up with the idea of immersing a number of different objects into a container full of water, and then seeing if they would sink or float. If the objects were able to float on top of the water then we could conclude that the upthrust was greater than the weight of the objects.

As with all of our Lansdowne School science experiments, we asked the pupils to make a prediction first. We talked about how there is no right or wrong answer when making a prediction – you are simply stating your thoughts ahead of the scientific experiment.

We then put our method to the test. We made sure that this was a fair experiment with each small group working with the exact same amount of water. You can find out some of our results in the video above.

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